San Miguel Resource Center

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San Miguel Resource Center Programs
Our programs offer a wide range of services that have been established to empower victim/survivors and fulfill our mission and vision. These programs include:

  • Client Services Program
  • Cultural Outreach Program
  • Prevention Education Program
  • Volunteer Program

Through our programs, we provide:

24 HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE - Trained staff and advocates are available 24 hours to listen, lend support, and respond in-person for crisis intervention.

PERSONAL AND LEGAL ADVOCACY - Assistance is available for food, medical care, housing, transportation, access to community services, and throughout the criminal justice system process.

EMERGENCY SHELTER AND SAFE HOUSING - Safe, temporary, and confidential shelter for victim/survivors of violence and their children.

SUPPORT GROUPS - Professionally facilitated groups for victim/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

INFORMATION AND REFERRAL - Assistance in identifying additional services and available support within our community.

CULTURAL OUTREACH - Culturally sensitive activities designed to make our services accessible and available to all racial, cultural, and ethnic populations.

SCHOOL-BASED PREVENTION EDUCATION - Presentations to raise awareness, reduce risks, and promote healthy relationships for students K-12.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION - Presentations on domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and services to the community, civic groups, local government, and employers.

VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE TRAINING - 40-hour intensive training for volunteers working on our crisis hotline.

EDUCATION SPECIALIST - We visit classrooms (preschool - 12th grade) throughout our service region, teaching children and teens a wide range of important life skills to prevent violence and abuse. We offer interactive lessons on conflict resolution, bullying prevention, child abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, healthy teen dating relationships and more, working to create the next generation of non-violence.

ART ALCHEMY II - An Art Therapy program we are able to provide for children who are survivors of or witness to Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault.

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